Sights of Amsterdam


The Royal Palace on Dam Square. It was originally the Town Hall before Napoleon decided it would be a good place for his brother to live when he made him King of the Netherlands. It’s belonged to the monarchy ever since, although the Dutch Royal family don’t live here any more.

DSC06513 (2)

De Waag, on the Nieuwmarkt. A former gateway to the city, later used as a “house of weights”. Used by a number of the city’s Guilds it housed the Theatrum Anatomicum, in which the Surgeons’ Guild would perform their annual public dissection as portrayed in one of Rembrandt’s most renowned paintings: ‘The Anatomical Lessons of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp’.


The Maritime Museum, housed in a former naval warehouse, built in  1656, which was once used by the Dutch navy to store sails, ropes, weapons and ammunition.


The replica VOC (Dutch East India Company) vessel “Amsterdam”


The Entrepotdok. The row of massive warehouses have been converted into offices, apartments and appealing dockside cafes. It reminded us somewhat of the Albert Dock in Liverpool.


The Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge)


Statue of Rembrandt in the square named after him – Rembrandtplein. Some artistic licence by the sculptor I think, he isn’t as good looking in his self-portraits!


The Munttoren (Mint Tower), originally a gate house, it was rebuilt in the 1620. The building was temporarily used to mint for coins in the 17th Century, hence its name.


The floating flower market


Not so many flowers on display but bulbs galore.


The Westerkerk, close to Anne Frank’s House on the Prinsengracht.


Built between 1620 and 1631, Rembrandt was buried here



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