The final day of our holiday and as our train back to London didn’t leave until after 3 p.m. We had a last morning to spend in Paris. So we decided to spend it in Montmartre.
The area around the Sacre Coeur and Place de Terte are real honey traps, thronging with tourists, but stray a short distance from the crowds and you’re soon into much quieter areas with a genuine village atmosphere, with few tourists.
First of all up to la Place d’Abbesses with it’s Art Nouveau entrance designed by Guimard. This was originally at Hotel de Ville station but was moved here some time ago.
The square was busy.
There was a small flea market taking place
And a Hot Club de France type jazz band playing. The guitarist was very good playing Django Rheinhardt style.
We wandered down to the square at the bottom of the steep hill leading up to the Sacre Coeur. It’s named after the socialist/anarchist who was active in the 1871 Commune, who was exiled to the New Caledonia prison colony where she supported an uprising by the indigineous people before returning to france where she continued her revolutionary activities.
Two of us got the funicular up to the top. The other two walked up the steep steps.
It was a clear day so there was a good view over Paris.
But watch out for picpockets. I was harassed to sign a petition by someone who didn’t look like an activisit and didn’t even say what the petition was about. There were no billboards, nbanners or newspaper sellers either. Instead I was persostently asked to “sign the petition”. I firmly refused, kept my hands on my valuables and walked away. A clear atempt to distract, confirmed afterwards that it was a well known scam. The scammers were behaving forcefully and persistently, trying on a well known scam at a major tourist attraction. Yet there were no police around to discourage them.
Then on to La Place de Terte
After that we left the crowds behind as we wandered round the quieter streets a short distance from the hubub

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