Studying hard

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3 thoughts on “Studying hard

  1. She’s probably on Facebook. Did you see in the ‘paper problems at the British Library – serious researchers can’t get a seat due to students using free wifi and on Facebook etc? Perhaps this French student had a real book??

  2. It was definitely a real book! But what it was exactly I’ll never know. There were lots of other young people using their phones, of course.
    I’m not surprised about the researchers not being able to get a seat. Perhaps the BL should review their arrangements and block access to Facebook and other social media sites
    Sounds like you got home OK from Ireland.

    • Yes, thank you, I’m home fine. There’s loads to do and so I’m prioritising things like commenting here ;-). And, yes, plenty of places do that (block access) – I can never access on Flickr from Eastcoast trains so it’s certainly possible.

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