Blue House

DSC04731 (2) 

I spotted this house in Belsize Park during our recent visit to London. An interesting large upstairs bay window. Could this have been an artist’s studio at one time?

Or do the owners like everyone to see what they’re up to?


4 thoughts on “Blue House

  1. Yes, I know it. It’s between BP station and my son’s place. He says : “Yes it’s a weird building. Def used to be an artists studio. It’s near to those builders that are digging the basement to the centre of the earth”. Did you notice that run of about 3 houses near Belsize Avenue with builders’ terrapin huts? They’ve been working on the basements (a Belsize Park obsession these days) over 18 months now. Glenilla Road, I think.

    • I thought you’d recognise this house Barbara! I knew it was in your son’s “territory”.! There are so many interesting houses in the Hampstead / Belsize Park area that I enjoy just wandering around having a nosey! I didn’t notice the builders but did see a nice Modernist house a few doors away from this one (which is on Glenilla Road)

    • Don’t know how we missed the “basmenting” works. We will have walked straight past them. We were on our way down to Hampstead Theatre walking down Glenloch Road onto Glenilla Road

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