DSC04466Mid March, the end of Winter – the Sunday before the Spring Equinox I was in Helsinki. I was delivering a course but had flown over a day early so I could spend a little time exploring the city. It was a beautiful morning – cold but with a bright blue sky. I was up early as I wanted to make the most of my free day.

Helsinki is built on a peninsula and a number of islands and so is surrounded by the sea. Töölönlahti is an inlet, a bay, right in the centre of the city, surrounded with parkland. There’s a path that circles the bay and it’s a popular spot for residents to take a walk or go for a run on a Sunday morning. I decided to join them.

The bay freezes over during the winter and was  still largely iced over.


DSC04471It’s a popular place for birdwatchers

DSC04473Finlandia Hall is at the south end of the bay and the Opera House at the northern end

DSC04474Looking across the Bay to Finlandia Hall


A number of traditional wooden buildings stand on the eastern side of the bay


There’s some good photos showing how the bay changes during the year here

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