Galway Cathedral


Although at first glance, Galway Cathedral looks like an old building, construction only began in 1958 and it was inaugurated in 1965.It’s built of local limestone and located on the site of the former city prison.

Architecturally, it’s a mixture of styles with Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque features. The towers at the east end are reminiscent of those on Spanish churches, reflecting the historic trading links between Galway and Spain.


I didn’t find the exterior particularly attractive. The mish-mash of styles just didn’t work for me. The inside was different, though.

I find many Catholic cathedrals and churches quite oppressive with their heavy decoration and gory religious art concentrating on hell and damnation and the suffering of Christ. But the interior was relatively restrained and had a bright and airy feel.

The Cathedral floor is made from locally quarried Connemara Marble,


The altar occupies a central position, underneath the dome, that was illuminated an almost electric blue.



The patterned barrel vaulted ceiling is made of American Western Red Cedar


There’s some very attractive modern stained glass including a Rose window above the pipe organ that was built  by  the Liverpool firm, Rushworthe & Dreaper.





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