A Walk from Galway to Salthill

It was wild and windy on the Saturday during my stay in Galway. Nevertheless, I decided to brave the elements and take a walk along the sea-shore to the small sea-side resort of Salthill which is about a mile and a half from the old harbour at Galway. It was hard work battling against the strong wind, especially on the way there when for most of the time it was hitting me head on. But I persevered.

I crossed over to the Claddagh side of the harbour. At one time this was a small fishing port outside the city walls. But now it’s very much part of the city and all the old fishermen’s’ cottages are long gone, replaced by modern bungalows.

This was the view over the harbour towards the Spanish Arch, the Museum and The Long Walk – the street of colourful houses.


Walking out towards the harbour wall that leas to the sea I passed a collection of dilapidated fishing boats.


After walking along the harbour I reached the shore of Galway bay. The tide was out.


About half way to Salthill I passed the monument to the Irish famine of 1845-1849. Many thousands of Irish men, women and children boarded ships in Galway to emigrate to America and elsewhere during the famine. The memorial is dedicated to the memory of Celia Griffin, a six year old child who died of starvation in the streets of Galway on 11 March 1847 – one of many thousands.


Walking further, Salthill came into view.


It’s a small resort and pleasant suburb of Galway with a long sandy beach. On a good day there are views across the bay to the Burren and the Arran isles


I walked along the prom for a short while, battling the wind. There wasn’t much to see in the town itself although it has an aquarium on the sea front to the east of the town which seemed to be very popular with families and tourists. I didn’t stop, though. Instead I turned and re-traced my route along the coast.



There were some brave souls walking their dog on the beach


and back to the harbour.



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