Mornington Crescent


I finally made it! An ambition fulfilled


Over the past 3 years, on visits to London, we’ve frequently stayed at the Premier Inn at Belsize park, Hampstead. To get there after we arrive at Euston we take the Northern Line tube that takes us through Mornington Crescent station – the next stop after Euston. As the train arrives at the station we are always disappointed not to hear a raucous cheer. Fans of the BBC Radio 4 programme, “I’m sorry I haven’t a clue” will understand the reference and also why I was pleased that I finally managed to visit the station when I went to have a look at the Carreras cigarette factory last week. (Anyone baffled by what I’m wittering on about see here)


I was pleased to see that the pub across the road from the station has been re-named in honour of the sadly missed Humph (Humphry Lyttleton).


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