The Didrichsen Art Museum


Time flies and it’s a few months now since I was in Helsiinki. I’m heading back over there in a few weeks so thought it was about time I wrote up my visit to the Didrichsen Art Museum.

The Museum is located on on Kuusisaari island, a 20 minute or so bus ride from the Central Station. It holds temporary exhibitions and has permanent displays of ancient Chinese and pre-Columbian artefacts, although during my visit the indoor rooms were devoted to an exhibition of works by Edvard Munch – The Dance of Life. There’s also a sculpture garden with some excellent works including pieces by  Henry Moore and Bernard Meadows.

The museum was originally a private residence owned by enthusiastic Modern Art collectors Marie-Louise and Gunnar Didrichsen. It’s a Modernist building designed by architect Viljo Revell  in 1958-59. An extension was added six years later to house the owners’ art collection.


It’s an attractive house in a beautiful setting in the woods by the sea.



There’s a photo of the inside of the house here (it was too full of people on the day I visited to get a decent shot)


As a former private residence the Museum is quite small, but they have an excellent collection. Due to the Munch exhibition (which was excellent) I was only able to see the works in the sculpture garden. Here’s some of them.


Adrift (2013) by Jenni Tieaho – a Viking longship in an appropriate setting


Atom Piece (1964) by Henry Moore


Reclining Figure on a Pedestal (1960) by Henry Moore


Stele del Offerende (1960) by Mario Negri


Augustus (1962/3) by Bernard Meadows


Auringonkukkapelto (1975) by Eila Hiltunen


Mama Europa (2009) by Tilla Kekki

and its companion piece


Mama Africa (2009) by Tilla Kekki


Turoulenssi (1996) by Eila Hiltunen


Arctic Aphrodite (1972) by Laila Pullinen


Strange Rain Last Night (2008) by Matti Peltokangas


Crescendo (1982) by Eila Hiltunen

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