A Walk on a Fine Winter’s Day

I had some work I needed to do today. But this afternoon, although it was cold, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and it was too nice to spend indoors. So I this afternoon finished what I needed to do and set out for a walk .
I headed through the lower Plantations up as far as the canal.
I took to the towpath and headed north
Lookiking over the canal and the golf course towards Haigh Hall.
I spotted a Robin
There was a narrow boat moored up
A blue winter sky
The Green Man?
Walking down Pendlebury Lane and looking back over the fields towards the canal
Under the old railway viaduct
Past the cottages that stand across from where Brock Mill forge used to stand
The forge was demolished a number of years ago and a gated estate of posh houses was built on the site. Even Wigan has it’s “other half”. Fancy cars parked up with a high fence and locked gate to keep the riff raff out.
Over the Dougie
And up the steep steps up to Sicklefield Lane which leads to Wigan Lane.
This would have been one of the routes the workers would have taken to reach the forge. I could imagine the noise their clog irons would have made on the stone steps and cobbles as they made their way to and from their workplace down at the bottom of the valley.
The path came out on the main road. I walked down to the Orchid House cafe where I treated myself to a coffee before making my way back home via the Plantations.

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