Black Hall


We were up in Kendal last weekend primarily to visit the latest exhibitions at Abbot Hall and Blackwell. But we also had a wander through Kendal town centre.

There’s lots of interesting buildings in the small market town, from various periods. This is one that we spotted on Saturday in the main shopping street.

Black Hall is an old stone building with many features typical of the South Lakes. Particularly the large, cylindrical chimneys.


It wars built in 1575 and modernised in 1801, which probably accounts for the Georgian look of the windows on the top two floors.

In 1869 it was converted into a brush factory, and this is commemorated with the original shop sign above the front door – a bristly hog.


A feature on the building on the BBC Cumbria website tells us

“Kendals first alderman lived here …….. Before the town had the market charter in 1636, they weren’t permitted to have a mayor. Between 1575 and 1636, Kendal had an alderman who functioned as the mayor.”


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