A Walk in the Plantations

It was foggy this morning, but it lifted by midday revealing a clear blue sunny sky. Cold and crisp, a good day for a walk on the last day of my Christmas break (it seems to disappear so quicky) – back to work tomorrow.

It was getting a bit late in the day to think about setting off for somewhere further afield so I decided to stay local and head down to the Plantations.

Along the Dougie

Past the Yellow Brook – not yellow any more as the waste water from the Great Haigh Sough which drains the old mine workings and is contaminated with iron compounds is now treated and cleaned up before being discharged into the stream.
Into the woods

Past the little waterfall

Here’s the reed pond used to treat the water from the old mine workings
Over the canal
Into the Upper Plantations following the old railway line
Past the lake
The little train went past
The ornemental pond witth its fountain up near Haigh Hall
The West Lancashire Moors visible on the horizon.
Back down through the woods – the view towards Standish
Back over the canal
Down Sennicar Lane
The sun is beginning to set by now
Past the old foundry.
Time for a coffee at the Orchid House



4 thoughts on “A Walk in the Plantations

    • The little waterfall is on the Yellow Brook which runs into the Dougie (the River Douglas). The water mainly runs off the old mine workings which have been landscaped and planted with trees. The Plantations are part of Haigh Country Park. The Dougie is at the bottom of my street and is a green corridor through the town leading to the Country Park. Walking to the bottom of our street, which is quite close to the town centre, I was able to set out on a 5 mile walk through woodland and fields without touching a proper public road. We sometimes don’t properly appreciate what’s on our own doorstep!

      • thank you. that is so true! and i am very guilty of this. i have enjoyed local walks when the dog has been to stay and my son always says – you don’t have to have a dog to do those walks! i say, yes, i know, and then drive off to fountains abbey or somewhere ….

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