Funky Fitzroy


One evening during my stay in Melbourne I took a taxi with three colleagues to visit a restaurant we’d been recommended. Naked for Satan served rather delicious Basque style tapas and from the top floor there was a great view over the Central Business District.  Driving over there it was noticeable that the restaurant was located in a very interesting “bohemian” area so I decided that I’d go back to have a look when I had the chance. So on the morning of my final day in the city I took a tram out to Fitzroy, which is a couple of kilometres out of the city centre.

Fitzroy was created in 1839 and rapidly grew as a working class suburb during the 19th century. Consequently there are a large number of very typical Australian Victorian terraced houses. During the 20th Century it became populated with immigrants from many different countries. These days the area has been gentrified and has become popular with trendy middle class “hipsters”. The character of the area reflects all of these.

There are a large number of well preserved Australian style Victorian era working class terraced houses. They’re smaller and more compact than those I saw in the more prosperous region to the east of the city centre, but still have verandas and balconies decorated with intricate ironwork and with corrugated iron roofs.

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The large neo-Classical Town Hall provides something of a contrast


There are trendy shops, cafes and restaurants on Brunswick Street, the main thoroughfare, a popular area at night


Reflecting the large bohemian population  street art is everywhere on the walls of houses, shops, commercial buildings and car parks.

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