Melbourne – Victorian Architecture


There are a large number of traditional Australian houses throughout Melbourne, in variable condition, built during the expansion of the city during the Victorian period. During my stay I could see many of them as I travelled around by car, taxi and tram. I was keen to get a closer look so picked up a leaflet from the Visitor Centre that showed a walking route through the area just east of the centre of Melbourne where there’s a a large concentration of well preserved and restored houses.

The area looked as it had been quite a wealthy District, with relatively large houses, and that seems to be the case today with the houses all in excellent condition – they’ve clearly been done up and I guess the area has been “gentrified” in the recent past. I was told that unlike in the UK the wealthy tended to live on the east side of the city as the prevailing wind blows from east to west (the opposite to the UK) .


Most of the houses are terraced. They’re relatively simple with rectangular windows and doors. But the most noticeable features are the balconies and verandas


in most case with ornate decoration either in woodDSC03081

but much more commonly in wrought iron.



Some of the designs are very intricate





Another common feature is a roof made of corrugated iron.



I also had the chance to explore some areas with houses built for workers. They had similar features but were typically smaller. A good subject for another post, i think.


One thought on “Melbourne – Victorian Architecture

  1. Great to get your perspective on Melbourne. I’ve never been but a grand aunt emigrated there so I’ve been curious about the kind of place she might have encountered and certainly, Victorian architecture would have featured then.

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