Return to Helsinki


Four weeks ago I walked out of an airport into what felt like an oven. Yesterday I got off a plane and walked into a fridge. In the first case I was in Abu Dhabi, but this week I’m in Helsinki.

I’m over here for the week with work but came over a day early so that I could have a look around. I’ve been here before, a short trip almost exactly three years ago (time flies!) when I also managed to tag a day on to the trip.

Being November it was going dark by the time I left the airport at 4 in the afternoon. But after checking into my hotel in the centre of the city I went for a wander and managed to take a few photos.

The Russian Orthodox Uspenski Cathedral that overlooks the main harbour


A Baltic ferry setting sail


The Lutheran Cathedral in Senate Square



The Contemporary Art Museum (closed for renovation until next year, unfortunately.


The Music Centre


Finlandia Hall


Looking over the water towards the Finnish National Opera House


The Wooden Church, just round the back of my hotel


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