Ashford in the Water

Ashton in the Water is a small, picturesque village in the Peak District just a few miles from Bakewell. It’s particularly, renowned for it’s “Sheepwash bridge” over the river Wye. It’s actually an old packhorse bridge but on the west side there’s a pen used to hold lambs while ewes were dropped in the water on the opposite bank. The ewes then swam across the river to reach their lambs.


It’s a very small village with stone cottages, a church and a couple of pubs.
In past times Ashford was a working village. The cottages would have been home to lead miners, quarry and stone workers and the like. Today most of them seem to have been converted into holiday acommodation. Like White Coppice, that I wrote about a few weeks ago, it’s an example of how a industrial village can be changed and become a picturesque destination.




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