Art Deco building in Bloomsbury

Last Thursday I had to go down to London on business. My meeting was on Red Lion Square so, despite the rain, I walked across Bloomsbury from Euston Station. I like to wander off the beaten track a little turning down side roads and looking out for interesting buildings, monuments and the like. The last time I did this I discovered Mary Ward House, an Art Nouveau / Arts and Crafts type building. This time, taking a slightly different route I came across this rather magnificent Art Deco building in Herbrand Street.


A little research on th’interweb revealed that the building, now occupied by an advertising agency, used to be a garage for the Daimler Hire Limited, who, as the name suggests, used to hire out Daimler cars. It was built in 1931 and the architechts were Wallis, Gilbert and Partners, who were also designed the Hoover Building on Western Avenue (A40) in Perivale, West London.


The circular part of the building was originally a ramp where cars were driven up to the showrooms on the first and second floors.


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