‘Give and Take’ in Newcastle


While we were wandering around Newcastle last Sunday, heading back down to the Quayside we made a point of finding this sculpture which we’d seen during our last visit to the city. It was immediately recognisable as a work by Peter Randall-Page, a sculptor I’ve admired his work ever since I saw a major exhibition by him at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park a few years ago.

The work consists of a glacial boulder, unearthed near Fort William in Scotland, it’s surface carved with an unbroken matrix of 630 hexagons and 12 pentagons – very characteristic of his style. It sits in the centre of concentric stone steps and surrounded by a ring of specially planted trees.


A marvellous work. It’s located in Trinity Gardens, a modern development at the top end of Broad Chare, one of the city’s oldest thoroughfares


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