Back to Berlin


At the end of our short holiday in Berlin last July, which we’d combined with a similar period in Prague, we knew we would have to go back. We knew there was so much that we’d missed seeing and doing. So another trip was arranged, flying out from Liverpool on 17 March – St Patrick’s Day.

We stayed in the Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Hackescher Market in Mitte, close to Alexanderplatz and Museum Island. A good location and excellent hotel. We had a large studio room with a kitchenette which meant we could keep drinks bought at the supermarket round the corner in the fridge and we ate a light meal of pasta we cooked on the stove one evening. I thought the breakfast was a little pricy, but we had an inclusive deal. Of course, anyone who didn’t want to pay could have made their own in their room.

2014-03-17 16.12.15

We packed a lot into just short of five days, including a day trip out to Dessau and a night at the Berlin Philharmonic. Although we mainly tried to do new things, it was interesting to revisit some of the places we’d seen in the summer, but when it was dark. It was interesting to see that very few buildings were lit up and the street lighting was generally dimmer than in British cities.

The weather was reasonably kind to us. The first two and a half days were grey and chilly (about 10 degrees) with a very occasional rain shower, but wrapped up well that wasn’t a problem. The Thursday and Friday morning were very warm and sunny, especially the Thursday when we had clear blue skies all day and the temperature was getting close to 20 degrees.

Here’s a few photographs I shot

The Berlin Dom with the Fernsehturm in the background. It’s visible from all over Berlin.

2014-03-21 10.57.16

Here it is, lit up green. We wondered why, but then realised it was Paddy’s Day.

2014-03-17 21.00.11

The Victory column, in the Tiergarden. The statue of Victoria is enormous.


The view from the top of the Victory column


The Fernsehturm and the Marienkirche from Karl Liebenicht Strasse


The World Clock in Alexanderplatz.


The Jewish Museum


The Philharmonic Hall in the afternoon before the concert we attended


Inside the Sony Centre – a large plaza / food court covered over (but not completely) with a tent like structure which is illuminated at night


We saw and did a lot, but, of course here were still things we would have liked to do but ran out of time again. We’ll have to go back.


6 thoughts on “Back to Berlin

  1. Still a lot of building work going on I see. Yes, I have been to Berlin four times now and always find much of interest. The first visit was when the Wall still existed. How interesting to get to Dessau and looking forward to reading a report from the Bauhaus soon!

  2. That makes me want to go back to Berlin. Such a wonderful city. (We stayed in Adina apartments in Budapest – was really impressed how good the hotel was at a very reasonable price)

    • I think they’re an Aussie chain with only a few hotels in Europe at the moment. Would be great to stay in one when i’m away on one of my trips with work. Wouuld be great to have a kitchen to knock up a tv dinner instead of having to eat out

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