The Grand Canal Theatre

2014-02-21 09.06.04

The Grand Canal Theatre (or Bord Gáis Energy Theatre as it’s now known) stands on Grand Canal Square in the redeveloped docklands at the end of the(surprise, surprise) Grand Canal on the right bank of the Liffey. I went to have a look at it during my visit to Dublin last week.

It was Designed by Daniel Libeskind (who designed the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester and the Jewish Museum in Berlin, amongst many other works) and RHWL Architects of London. It’s very characteristic of Libesskind’s work.


The exterior is shiney stainless steel and glass supported on a reinforced concrete and steel structure

Viewed from the square it’s a very dramatic structure.  All irregular sharp, jagged shapes


It’s less interesting viewed from the rear – flatter and more functional.


It’s flanked on one side by a glass clad office block and on the other by a swanky hotel. Here the theatre can be seen reflected in the windows of the offices.


I didn’t get the chance to have a look inside, but there are some photographs, including the interior, and a plan of the building here and here.

2 thoughts on “The Grand Canal Theatre

  1. Loved that building when I first managed to get up close and personal with it earlier this year. From the inside, looking out onto the LIffey, all that glass,light and water is very spectacular. I didn`t know anything about the architect though and his other works. Thanks for another informative post.

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