During our visit to Tate Britain a few weeks ago there was an exhibition of works by Alison Wilding, the Lancashire born artist, in Duveen galleries – two long galleries with high barrel-vaulted ceilings, designed specifically for the display of sculpture. It’s a very airy space and I felt that they really enhanced the works on display.

We particularly liked this piece – Largo (2002)

2014-01-10 15.58.24

It’s a simple work – a circular slab of cast cement, like a slice from the bottomof a sphere, with silk and paper roses scattered on the top.

Being displayed in a large, high space it could be viewed from different perspectives. Although the cement base has a circumference of almost 80 inches (just over 2 metres),  it looked tiny, almost lost in the vast space, when viewed from a distance.

Installation shot of Alison Wilding, Display, Duveen galleries, Tate Britain

But there was plenty of detail to see when viewed up close.



3 thoughts on “Largo

  1. My taste in art is quite conservative so I don`t like this piece at all but it`s good to read another perspective on it.

    No trouble taking pics in Tate Britain then?

    • Each to their own when it comes to art. If we all liked the same things life would be much less interesting!

      The Tate galleries as a whole have a liberal attitudes to photos. But none allowed in the exhibitions you have to pay to get in.

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