View down the Thames

I took this shot walking down the south bank of the Thames from Waterloo bridge towards the. Tate Modern

It was a lovely Winter's day. Cold but reasonably sunny. Couldn't complain.
St Paul's cathedral was clearly visible. The new buildings in the City of London are starting to change and dominate the view though. I think that Richard Roger's “Cheese grater” is quite an attractive building, but has hidden the “Gherkin” from this viewpoint. And, to me, the so called “Walkie Talkie” is just plain ugly and a blot on the landscape.
I fear that things are only going to get worse in the future as there seems to be a mad scramble to errect more and more steel and glass “vanity buildings” all competing to attract attention and dominate the skyline, even if there isn't a demand for them ( an article in the Guardian reveals that the “Shard” has had few takers and is virtually empty). St Paul's doesn't stand a chance.


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