Dana Schutz at the Hepworth

One of the exhibitions showing at the Hepworth in Wakefield during our visit on New Year's Day featured the work of the young American Dana Schutz.

Looking at the Gallery's website before our visit I wasn't sure I'd be so keen on the pictures as they looked a little garish. However, seeing them “in the flesh” I found that they grew on me and in many ways reminded me of the paintings of the German Expressionists. Not surprising, as in an interview with her about the exhibition she mentions that they were an early influence.

Her subjects are portrayed carrying out everyday tasks and activities, but with an unorthodox, and often surreal twist.


Her subject matter can be a little unsettling such as this one portraying a woman doing something strange and disturbing with her eyes

Another shaving her private parts

According to the Hepworth's website

Schutz creates imaginary worlds to explore hypothetical and absurd situations. Applying her often dark and deadpan humour, Schutz explores the peculiarity of the human condition, describing scenes of hopelessness, loss of control, anti-social activity, human capability and incapability through her distinctive and vibrant brushwork

The exhibition, her first solo show in the UK, finishes on 2 February.



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