Street Art in the Northern Quarter

Although we go into Manchester city centre regularly, we don't often visit into the “Northern Quarter” Occasionally I do wander up there to browse in the record shops, of which there are several, to relive my youth when I would spend many an hour routing for an elusive single or LP. But normally I make my way there without really opening my eyes (not literally of course!).

The other Saturday, though, we wanted to visit a particular shop on Oldham Street and, deciding to avoid the crowds in Market Street and around the Arndale centre, cut across some of the backstreets. For once, rather than rush to our destination, we took it slow, browsing in some of the shops and taking note of our surroundings. So I couldn't help but notice the street art – painted murals, mosaics and even distinctive street signs. Here's some examples.

Some murals on the walls of Afflecks emporium





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