A fine Autumn day in the Plantations

I woke up to a beautiful frosty morning and a blue sky with hardly a cloud. And it’s stayed nice here all day. So after dinner (midday meal round here!) I wrapped up and went out for a walk in the Plantations. I ended up doing one of my favourite routes which is a total of 5 or 6 miles, so I was out over two hours. It was quite wet and muddy underfoot, but I was wearing my boots so that wasn’t a problem. The air temperature wasn’t very high but it was sunny and the air was quite still, so combined with the metabolic heat from walking I soon got quite warm. It was really nice walking through the woods with the sun shining through the trees lighting up the red and gold autumn leaves.

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Just a few hundred yards from my house and I’m down by the River Douglas. On the north side of town it forms a green corridor leading to the Lower Plantations in Haigh Country Park. My route took me through the woods and up to Haigh Hall and then back down to Wigan Lane. I diverted over to the Orchid House cafe over the valley towards the end of my walk for a coffee and  a toasted teacake – yum! Afterwards, making my way home along the valley, the light was starting to fail and the sun, low on the horizon now, lit up the clouds.

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