This moving work of art stands across the road from the notorious Kilmainhan gaol where the leaders of the Irish Easter Rising of 1916 were held, tried and executed. Created in bronze by Rowan Gillespie, whose other work, Famine, stands on the Quays beside the Liffey

Fourteen figures stand in a megalithic circle, at the centre of which is a plaque containing a copy of the Proclamation of Independence, engraved in bronze. Each figure has at its base a small plaque, engraved with the name and the British military tribunal’s verdict and sentence of death. The figures are perforated with bullet holes. Since the original commission was for the seven signatories of the Proclamation, Gillespie has donated the other seven martyrs to the site himself. (Wikipedia)


The elongated figures remind me of the sculptures of men and women by Alberto Giacometti.


It’s a monument to the one of the many crimes committed in the name of Britain during British rule in Ireland. The Irish nation have been able to put this behind them and today relations between Ireland and Britain are very cordial. And I always find the Irish people incredibly friendly when I’m over there. But it’s important that we don’t forget.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to visit the Gaol across the road. It’s on my list, hopefully, for the next time I’m in Dublin


4 thoughts on “Proclamation

  1. Ìmagine, I`ve walked right past that piece of sculpture and never even thought about it. Thanks, again for another very informative post.
    As for Kilmainham Gaol-you`re just saving the best `til last.

    • Thanks C. I’m back in the Emerald Isle week after next and have booked on an early ferry intending to visit the gaol before I drive over to Naas as it’s more or less on my route. Hope they let me out again!

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