Autumn at the IMMA

The main building at Irish Museum of Modern Art at Kilmainhaim re-opened recently. I called in while I was in Dublin last weekend as I wanted to see the new exhibition about Eileen Gray which had transferred from the Beaubourg in Paris and to see the other new exhibitions, including the retrospective on the work of the Surrealist artist, Leonora Carrington which is showing in the Garden Gallery. There were also a couple of other exhibitions in the main building – “One Foot in the Real World“, showing works from the Galley’s permanent collection, and “In the Line of Beauty” that features the works of some younger contemporary Irish artists.

I’ll be writing up my impressions of the exhibitions in the near future. But while I was there, and as it was a fine autumn day, I took some time out to wander round the grounds. The change of the seasons meant it looked different compared to when I was last there at the end of June.

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3 thoughts on “Autumn at the IMMA

  1. I`m thrilled to see the IMMA fully reopened again. If time permits, I might even get to form my own impressions of the place tomorrow. Meanwhile, looking forward to reading more from you on the Eileen Gray exhibition.

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