By the finish line – the Dublin Marathon 2013


I was in Dublin today taking a day off before driving over to Naas again where I’ll be working till the end of the week. I didn’t realise it until I arrived at my hotel in Kilmainham yesterday, but today was the day of the Dublin Marathon.

While I was in the city centre I stopped off for a while on Clare Street, near the Irish National Galley, which was only a short distance from the finishing line in Merrion Square.


I half expected to be able to cheer on redhenrun, but I knew from her blog that she wasn’t running today. But she had made the journey over to Phoenix Park to watch the race and she’s published her report here.

I saw the front runners race in towards the line and managed to get a few rather blurry photos.

Here’s the winner of the men’s race, Sean Hehir


a Primary School teacher from County Clare and the first Irish man to win since  1993.

2nd place finisher, Joe Sweeney


Sergiu Ciobanu, who came in third


and the winner of the wheelchair race, Paul Hannan.


But city marathons aren’t just about the winners, but the thousands of people (over 14,000 today) who take part






4 thoughts on “By the finish line – the Dublin Marathon 2013

  1. Ah! Thanks for linking to my blog. Your pics are excellent. Very tricky keeping the camera steady over people`s heads. You got a great one of Seán Hehir. Looks like he`s flying there, Phoenix Park was lovely for views and convenient parking but I`d also love to have been at the finish line. The crowds are really fantastic there.

    • I agree about the crowds. They were very noisy encouraging all the runners and willing them to the finish.

      It was interesting to see your picture of the lead group in Phoenix park. They’d spread out quite a bit by the time they reached Merrion Square and Sean was moving quite fast – hence my blurry photo. It was an experience to be there

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