Madonna of the Cross


This simple sculpture by Malcolm Brocklesby is sited on the high altar at Mount Grace Priory. The inscription on the plaque tells us that

This Madonna is not the meek and subservient figure portrayed in many renaissance works, but a determined and intelligent young woman who understands the wonder and the importance of her calling; she is also aware of the suffering that this will entail. The figure of the Madonna is integral with that of the Cross, which is an inescapable part of her existence, and the way in which she holds the Christ Child high suggests the subsequent Ascension rather than the immediate prospect of a sacrificial death.

I thought it was a beautiful piece, showing a strong woman. And I particularly liked how the artist has formed the figure, with her child held aloft, in the form of a cross. Her dress, with the rope tied around her waist, is reminiscent of that of the monks who used to live on the site and worship at the church. Simple but very effective. It reminds me a little of the religious sculptures of Eric Gill.


4 thoughts on “Madonna of the Cross

    • i have several large malcolm brocklesby sculptures including a large jesus crucifix, he was an amazing sculpturist and some of his pieces are just as good as barbara hepworth and henry moore, i believe he sold smaller bronzes privately, i have not been able to trace any of the smaller ones so i think very few would have been made, so if you do get chance to buy one it would be a very good investment. the pieces i have were sold by his family from his private gallery. it would be great if someone new of a gallery who would like to have them on display. thanks, dan

    • h there, i spoke to mrs brocklesby a couple of days ago regarding this piece, she has the original maquette model which could be used to cast bronzes from, it wold be fantastic if anyone knows a place where a small edition of bronzes could be made of this beautiful sculpture, i had the pleasure of seeing some of malcoms other sculptures which were simply amazing and just as good as henry moore and barbara hepworth, lots of his work has been unseen as he was a very modest man, but i wish that one day someone could publish a book on his works and have an exhibition, i would gladly loan the several sculptures i own and im sure mrs brocklesby would be delighted for his work to be seen in the public eye. so if anyone reads this knows of a publisher or gallery, please contact me at and i can pass any information onto mrs brocklesby.

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