Prague Old Town


The tower in the picture above is at one end of the historic Charles Bridge in Prague, on the Castle side of the river. The building to it’s right was our hotel, the Pod Veží. Our large, comfortable room was on the first floor, overlooking the bridge, so we had a good view from the windows and only a very short walk to the main sights in this historic city.

Prague Map - click to ZOOM OUT to large map of Prague

(Image source Prague Experience website)

The “Old Town” is on the opposite side of the bridge and is packed with beautiful buildings. The only problem was that it was also absolutely packed with people. And I’m afraid it’s just got too commercialised. Since the fall of Communism the Czechs have taken to capitalism with a vengeance and, to be quite frank, some of that political and economic system’s worst excess were all too evident in the city – touts pushing pub crawls, walking tours and concerts constantly thrusting leaflets at passers by, hiked up prices and, worst of all, “change shops” in what seemed like every other building, advertising dubious currency exchange rates.

But never mind, despite the crowds and the commercialism, there were a large number of beautiful medieval buildings in the compact old town and we were able to take advantage of our location to get out and about before the worst of the crowds descended.

This is the view looking back from part way across the Charles Bridge

2013-07-15 09.10.25

A view of the bridge from the Old Town side

2013-07-15 09.20.00

Looking across to the Charles bridge early one evening after a beautiful, but very hot, sunny day

2013-07-15 19.21.29

This is the famed astronomical clock. You can tell when the top of the hour is approaching – you can’t move in front of the clock as the square is completely packed with tourists waiting for the animation.



2013-07-15 09.41.12



2013-07-16 16.08.01

2013-07-16 16.08.13




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