The Fernsehturm

You can hardly miss the Fernsehturm, the tall TV tower near Alexanderplatz wherever you are in Berlin. Some 368 metres high, it’s visible all over the city.

It  was constructed between 1965 and 1969 by the administration of the German Democratic Republic, and like most tall towers it was undoubtedly meant as a symbol of their power and technological prowess.

There’s is a visitor platform about 203 metres (666 ft) above the ground . Above that there’s a restaurant which rotates once every 30 minutes. It’s a popular attraction and long queues can form to buy tickets. But it’s open quite late and we went up around 7 p.m. one evening when it wasn’t too busy. You get a numbered ticket and are given an approximate time when you’re likely to be admitted, taking the high speed lift up to the viewing platform. We were told we would have about an hour to wait so we popped back to our hotel, which was only a short walk away, popping back with 10 minutes to spare.

We were lucky in that although it was cloudy we had a good clear view all over Berlin


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2 thoughts on “The Fernsehturm

    • They certainly were. Worth the cost, and the queues! I’ve read the top of the tower is often lost in cloud when the views wouldn’t be so good, to say the least.

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