The Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin – The Collection


The Neue Nationalgalerie  collection encompasses 20th century European painting and sculpture, ranging from early Modern Art to art of the 1960s. Since reunification, it has included works by both West and East German artists as well as international artists such as Munch, Picasso, Warhol, Henry Moore and many others. The works are displayed in the lower, underground galleries.

There was a lot to see. I didn’t take many photographs as I was too busy looking at the art and the lighting conditions weren’t so good for my camera. I concentrated on those works I particularly liked by artists that were new to me to help me remember them so I could find out more later. Here’s some of them.

Some monochrome graphic works by Heinz Mack


“SoloOeil” (1958) by Otto Piene


“O Deutschland, bleiche Mutter” (1961/65) a large bronze sculpture by Fritz Cremer.


The photograph is pretty awful as I couldn’t use flash but I wanted to remember this work. There’s a better photograph here from when it was displayed outdoors on Museum Island. The sculpture reminds me in many ways of Henry Moore’s figurative bronzes. The original version was created as part of a memorial at the site of the Mauthausen concentration camp

This sculpture, “Stürzender “ (1962) of a falling man is by Waldemar Grzimek


This painting “Les Noches” (1947) is by a Cuban artist Wifredo Lam


This hybrid of a painting and three dimensional work, “Untitled” (1960) is by the American artist Lee Bontecou 


I foolishly didn’t make of note of the artist who created this neon blue cube – I suspect it may be by the American Keith Sonnier.



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