Barbara Hepworth Graphic Works


Another new exhibition at the Hepworth features a large number of prints – lithographs and screen prints – by Barbara Hepworth.


Although primarily known as a sculptor, she was a talented draughtswoman, as shown by the exhibition of her hospital drawings that we saw at the gallery on New year’s day. She also put ideas down on paper that she would later develop as sculptures and some of her ideas were also recorded in  a number of print portfolios between 1969 and 1971 The Hepworth own a number of these and are showing examples in Gallery 6 along with a number of related sculptures from the same period. About  twenty of these graphic works will be on display at one time and the they’ll be changed during the exhibition period in order to show the entire body of work.




In this example, Oblique forms, from 1968-9,


we can see how the drawings reflect her sculptures


Three Oblique forms 1967

although in this case as the graphic work was created after the sculpture the former clearly influenced the latter.

Similarly the form illustrated in this  print


is very similar to this sculpture


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