Fell Foot Park


On the way back from Blackwell last Saturday we drove down Lake Windermere and stopped off at Fell Foot Park, a country park on the shore of the lake which is owned by the National Trust.


The park, located at the very southern tip of Windermere, is relatively small but there are pleasant lawns for sitting, sunbathing (on those rare days when the sun comes out) and pic-nicking and great access to the lake. As would be expected at an NT property, there’s a tea room / gift shop and there’s also a dedicated area for barbecues if you take your own disposable barbie.


You can also hire rowing boats and regular ferries operate from Fell Foot Park to Lakeside, on the opposite shore, where you can catch the steamers that sail up and down the lake stopping off at Bowness and Ambleside.


It was originally the garden belonging to a large country house, but that’s long gone.

On a clear day, like last Saturday, there are great views and the mountains at the top end of the lake.


6 thoughts on “Fell Foot Park

    • And it was nice in Ireland on Thursday this past week while I was over there. Hope you managed to enjoy it and that the weather is kind for the Bank Holiday weekend (wasn’t so clever when I set sail for home yesterday)

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