Cabot Tower, Bristol


The Cabot Tower stands on top of the hill in Brandon Park in the centre of Bristol. It was named after the Italian explorer Giovanni Caboto, better known as John Cabot, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the voyage in 1497 of the Matthew from Bristol across the Atlantic where he discovered Newfoundland. According to Pevsner’s Architectural Guide to Bristol, it “defies stylistic labels” but it has a number of distinct neo-Gothic features, which were fashionable during the late Victorian period.

It’s a fair climb up a narrow spiral staircase inside the tower to reach the top (make sure nobody is coming down when you’re going up and vice-versa or one of you will have to back track as there’s no passing points!) but it’s worth it for the 360 degree view of Bristol.


Looking down towards the floating harbour and city centre


A close up of the Cathedral and the city hall


Looking further along the floating harbour towards S S Great Britain


zooming in on Brunel’s mighty iron vessel


Looking out towards Hotwells with it’s brightly coloured houses and marina with a newer development on the waterside


Looking over towards the University, the view dominated by the neo-Gpthic bulk of the Wills memorial building


Turning towards the Georgian suburb of Clifton, the Clifton Suspension can just be made out in the distance


Zooming in on the bridge.



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