The Huguenot Cemetery, Dublin


Just off St Stephen’s Green in Dublin, on Merrion Row, there’s a small peaceful oasis. You can’t gain access, but peering through the railings you can see that it’s an immaculately maintained cemetery. Buried there are descendants of the protestant Huguenots who fled persecution in France following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685.


I don’t know whether the spelling of “Hughenot” on the sign above the gate is a mistake or an alternative version.

On the left, just inside the gate, there’s a plaque on the wall that lists the names of everyone buried here.


The names have largely died out as the Huguenots intermarried with the residents of their adopted country or been Anglicised. The latter include the Becquetts, from whom the renowned Irish playwright Samuel Beckett is descended.

No longer used for burials, the cemetery fell into disrepair but was restored in the 1970’s and is now maintained by Dublin City Council.

This video, posted on Youtube, which is narrated by Jean Pitton who campaigned for the cemetery’s restoration,  provides some history and allows a closer peek inside.



2 thoughts on “The Huguenot Cemetery, Dublin

  1. Thanks for that. I`ll watch out for the Huguenot cemetery next time I`m passing that way-never noticed it before. Interesting to get a glimpse at some of the surnames too. I spotted D`Olier for instance, so one of that family may have given her/his name to D`Olier St. Good youtube clip too.

    • Thanks for your comment. It certainly is tucked away and I guess hundreds of people pass by down this busy street every day without noticing that it’s there.

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