Patrick Kavanagh on the Grand Canal


O commemorate me where there is water, Canal water, preferably, so stilly Greeny at the heart of summer. Brother Commemorate me thus beautifully.

Lines Written on a Seat on the Grand Canal, Dublin by Patrick Kavanagh (click here for the full poem).

This statue, opposite the Mespil Hotel on the banks of the Grand Canal just south of Baggot Street Bridge  in a very pleasant part of Dublin, is a memorial to the Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh (1904-1967). A native of the rural town of County Monaghan he settled in Dublin in 1939. Later in his life he would sit and contemplate on the banks of the Grand Canal on the South Side of Dublin.


The canal forms a pleasant leafy (in summer!) green linear park cutting through the south of Dublin. This is the view looking south west from the seat


The statue was erected as part of Dublin’s 1991 European City of culture celebrations. Dubliner’s have a penchant for giving the statues in their city rhyming nicknames. This one is known as The Crank on the bank.

In this clip from Youtube, Brendan Lynch talks about Patrick Kavanagh and his love-hate relationship with the Grand Canal in Dublin.

2 thoughts on “Patrick Kavanagh on the Grand Canal

    • Thanks Diana. I’ve liked this statue ever since I first saw it during my first ever visit to Dublin about 10 years ago when I stopped at the Mespil hotel which is more or less directly opposite. And the Dubliners always seem to come up with a good amusing title for their statues!

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