A “Watery Walk” in Naas

I’ve been staying in Naas this week running a course on the assessment and control of noise. Thursday was the final teaching day with the exam on Friday. At 5 o’clock, after I’d packed up it was still light and fine outside so I decided to go for a walk. It was cold, but I wrapped up well and set out from my hotel.

I headed to the south of the town centre around where there are some small artificial lakes created to minimise flooding in the town centre.

2013-02-21 17.20.50

2013-02-21 17.16.37

After circumnavigating the lakes, I doubled back through the town centre, turning down Moat street and walking past the North Moat earthwork

2012-06-28 18.23.11

and the old cemetery

2013-02-18 17.41.27

down to the canal.

2013-02-18 17.33.05

I walked up the road running along the east bank as far as the bridge at Mill Lane.

2013-02-18 17.28.12

Crossing over to the other side I walked back down to the bridge at Abbey road crossing back over and following the path down to the “harbour”.2013-02-18 17.46.35

It was quite a pleasant walk, 3 or 4 miles in total, but relatively flat and I felt it had done me some good, clearing out the cobwebs, by the time I got back to my hotel.


4 thoughts on “A “Watery Walk” in Naas

  1. I love to read all your Irish posts. I have family in Prosperous to which we add Naas to the postal address. They moved from Kilkenny which we have visited on may occasions but never yet made it to Prosperous. So it’s just as cold over there then? Thank you.

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