“Ocean” Exhibition at the Rundetårn

I mentioned in my last post that the former University Library in the Trinitatis Church  to which  the  Rundetårn is attached has been converted into a space for concerts and exhibitions. During our visit to the tower there was an exhibition, “The Ocean” taking place of works by members of the Arts & Crafts Association Bornholm (ACARB) inspired by the sea. Most of the works were glass and ceramics and I was very impressed by many of the contemporary pieces on display. I took a few photographs of some I particularly liked

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wish I’d taken more photos and made some notes on the artists. There wasn’t an exhibition brochure to take away and I was hoping to find some information and pictures on the  Rundetårn website, but there wasn’t really any at all. There’s a link to the ACARB website which has plenty of information about the artists who belong to the group with plenty of pictures of their work, but nothing specific about the Ocean exhibition.

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