The Rundetårn


As I’ve mentioned i previous posts, Copenhagen is a relatively low rise city. The high points are the towers and spires associated with some of the buildings, particularly churches. The Rundetårn – Round Tower – which is one of the best viewpoints in Copenhagen, is a curious 40 metre high tower attached to the Trinitatis Church in the Latin Quarter of the city, near the old University buildings.

The Trinitatis Church was the University Chapel, but also contained the University Library and the attached tower was built as an astronomical observatory. It was completed in 1642 and is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe as it still has a working telescope. Today it is mainly an attraction for tourists who climb to the top for the view over the city. The climb is easier than might be expected as for most of the way (except for the last few metres) the ascent is via a wide spiral ramp, built to allow equipment to be taken up to the top.


The views from the top were certainly extensive. We could see most of the major landmarks in the city centre


and even as far as “The Bridge” that connects Denmark to Sweden over the Baltic Sea.


The library used to occupy an upper floor over the chapel. Today it is used an an exhibition and concert space. During our visit there was an exhibition, “The Ocean” taking place of works by members of the Arts & Crafts Association Bornholm inspired, as the name of the exhibition suggests, by the sea. There were some interesting works on display.

You were also able to pop into one of the old latrine (not in use!)


And the bell loft.

For some further information on the tower click here.


3 thoughts on “The Rundetårn

    • Yes, I’d certainly agree. The ramp was fascinating – an ingenious approach to getting equipment up to the observatory. it made a change from having to climb up narrow spiral staircases you usually find in this type of building – bu,t as I mentioned, there still was one you had to go up at the top to reach the roof.

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