Au Vélodrome


Au Vélodrome, Jean Metzinger (ca. 1914)

I like to think that I’m an internationalist and tend to subscribe to Dr Johnson’s view that “patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”. But when it comes to sport I have to admit the cap fits! So I thought I should celebrate Great Britain’s success in the Velodrome at the London Olympics and the victory of local resident and fellow Wigan Warriors season ticket holder, Bradley Wiggins, in the Tour de France and the Olympic road time trial.

I think this Futurist / cubist style collage, by the French artist, Jean Metzinger, really sums up the athleticism, grit and sheer determination of competitive cycling.

Metzinger must have been a cycling sports fan as he produced another two works featuring cyclists – Le Bicycliste (1912) and Coureur cycliste (1912). But of the three, Au Vélodrome is my favourite.


Picture source: Wikipedia


6 thoughts on “Au Vélodrome

    • Thanks Eirene. I think its a great picture. I can’t think of many works of art that really bring out the essence of sport – the action, the energy, the excitement. This is a rare example.

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