Banksy’s Origami Crane

2012-07-19 20.47.50

I snapped this photo of the origami crane painting by the graffiti artist Banksy while walking down by the river in Lyme Regis one evening during our holiday.

2012-07-19 20.47.58

It’s a a relatively new work – only appearing in May this year and was “authenticated” when a picture of it was posted on the artist’s website.

8 thoughts on “Banksy’s Origami Crane

    • I like his work. But some people view his work as graffiti pure and simple and don’t think it should be tolerated. I don’t agree but it does raise some questions about where and when it’s appropriate to create works of art. And what graffiti constitutes art?

      • Well that’s not an easy question to answer! People have been trying to provide a satisfactory definition for hundreds, if not thousands, of years!

        Anyway, my attempt at a definition is as follows

        Something created by one or more people using skill and imagination that provokes an emotional response in somebody.

        The something can be a physical object (e.g. drawing, painting, sculpture, building) an aural experience (e.g. music) a work of literature or a combination of two or more of these (e.g. theatre, opera, performance art).

        And the emotional response does not necessarily have to be positive or pleasurable

        That’s my best attempt (from someone with a science education).

        Let me bounce the question back to you now! What’s YOUR definition?

    • Well, I don’t know about “being in the know”!

      I had read about this work while doing my “research” before my holiday (I usually browse on the web about places I’m going to visit), but didn’t know where it was. We came across it by accident one evening when taking a stroll along the river.

  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! Touche. I asked for that.

    Since Marchel Duchant’s ‘fountain’ or should we say the ‘urinal’, if the artist chooses an object to be art, then it is art. So where does that leave us?

    • Well, I think the “fountain” fits into my definition. He has used his imagination (but probably not any skill) in creating something which has provoked an emotional response – it doesn’t have to be positive. But it doesn’t mean that it’s good art.

      And you’ve not provided your definition !! 😉

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