I don’t agree with this post 100% but I think the author makes some interesting points. I’m particularly sympathetic to his comments on the archetypical English church. Where I live churches built in any style other than Neo-Gothic stick out like a sore thumb.

Visiting houses & gardens

(1 March 1812 – 14 September 1852, aged 40)

Do you ever think about the people you would invite to a fantasy dinner party?  I do, and Pugin wouldn’t be on that list.  You see,  I don’t really like any form of ‘revivalist’ gothic architecture.   I’m willing to change my mind (and I haven’t yet been to Strawberry Hill), but for now I stand by the phrase “I just don’t like it”.

However, I did bump into Pugin at Chirk Castle (about which more next week) and he kept floating across my horizon from time to time; so I thought I’d read a little about him (in the faith of the saying “if you know a man’s story you can learn to love him“).

Pugin was a Gothic Revivalist, knows best for “Big Ben” clock tower of the Palace of Westminster and providing Charles Barry (yes, he of

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