Paper Eggs

2012-06-16 11.00.27

I called into Wigan library today. While I was there I spotted a small display of paper sculptures in a glass cabinet, including some made from old books. There was a group of egg like objects that looked like large pebbles that took my eye. Looking closer I discovered that they were actually made from recycled magazine pages were glued in layers turning them into a wood like material which the artist had then carved to create ‘Paper Eggs.’ Even looking closely at them I’d never have guessed they were made from paper.

The sculptures were created by Julie Dodd an artist from the Wirral.

2012-06-16 11.00.32


7 thoughts on “Paper Eggs

  1. Went to a talk by Julie recently at Hot Bed Press where they do quite a bit of “book arts”. I remember that she had a “log” made from pages of books with the spines as the bark. Some of her “forest” works can be seen in your photo. However her eggs were the most impressive.

    • She seems to be a talented artist with some good ideas. I loved the eggs. Her website says shes artist in residence at Wigan library so perhaps we’ll see some more of her worknthere in the future.

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