The Crown Hotel, Liverpool

2012-05-11 17.31.28

This very distinctive Grade II listed building is one of the first things you see when you leave Lime Street Station in Liverpool. On the corner of Lime Street and Skelhorne Street, it’s a rare example of a British Art Nouveau building.

Art Nouveau was very much a continental movement, reflecting the rise of a dynamic new middle class and Nationalist movements trying to make their mark in countries such as France, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Finland at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th Centuries. In Britain we had the Arts and Crafts Movement and the work of Rennie Mackintosh, but, in their own time, they had a limited audience for their work. And classic AN style buildings are few and far between in Britain. But the Crown Hotel is one of them.

According to the Liverpool Daily Post

It’s a Victorian toff of a pub that’s been dressed to kill to make it welcome for the passing train trade brigade.

After a little research I came across a page on the BBC website that reveals that the pub was built in 1859 in the neo-Classical style typical of many Victorian era buildings.

The Crown Pub taken in the 1890s

Picture source: BBC Website

It was remodelled in 1905 in the Art Nouveau style when it was taken over by Walker’s of Warrington and looks quite different than its original appearance. It has fancy bow windows with stained glass on both sides facing the street,

2012-05-11 17.31.28

“lunette” windows with an elaborate surrounding on the top floor 2012-05-11 17.31.28

and ornate signs with Art Nouveau style lettering.

2012-05-11 17.31.28

I’ve never ventured inside the pub, but I understand that its also quite ornate with oak panelling, stained glass and a gilded plaster ceiling. I’ll have to pop in for a look next time over in the ‘pool.

7 thoughts on “The Crown Hotel, Liverpool

    • I guessed as much, which is why I’ve never gone inside. Also I’m (more or less) teetotal !

      I’ve passed the pub so many times over the years but only really looked at it properly recently. As they say, familiarity breeds contempt and you sometimes don’t notice things staring you in the face :-}

  1. I noticed this pub while passing through Liverpool yesterday. I had noticed it before, largely because of the loud karaoke coming out of it at almost any time of day, but only yesterday did I start wondering about the architecture and the fancy lettering. There is buddleia growing out of the roof, which doesn’t really bother me, in fact maybe I like it.

  2. My Grandparents used to run the Crown during the War. I remember it very well because we used to visit them in 1950’s. It is amazing inside there is still Gold leaf on the ceiling. Used to be billiard tables upstairs. Mum used to take us especially when Rag Week was on (University Students decorated long vehicles ) we used to put money into a basket that was held up to the windows. Very vivid memories. How can I attach photos of the Crown?

    • Hi Rhonda. Good to hear about your link to the Crown via your Grandparents 😊 Would be good to see your photos. I don’t know that you can attach to a comment but you could email to me and perhaps I could post?

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