Walk to Worthington Lakes


It was pleasant and sunny, if a little cold, last Sunday morning, so I decided to get out for a walk.  In Wigan we’re quite lucky in that the River Douglas cuts through the town and on the north side of the town effectively forms a green corridor up to Haigh Hall Country Park. So its possible to start a country walk almost from the centre of town.

2012-04-15 10.21.28

I decided to follow “the Dougie” to the Lower Plantations an then cut up through the woods to the Leeds-Liverpool canal, taking the towpath up as far as Arley Wood.

2012-04-15 10.59.27



Cutting through the woods I crossed over the Dougie and along the path to Worthington Lakes.

2012-04-15 11.06.19


2012-04-15 11.08.33

The three small “lakes” are reservoirs built to supply Wigan with drinking water. Today they are part of a 50 acre country park, with a nature reserve at the northern end.

Image produced from Ordnance Survey’s Get-a-map service.

2012-04-15 11.12.34

2012-04-15 11.46.58

Although the time of year meant that there were very few waterfowl on the lakes, I spotted a couple of nesting swans and a heron in the nature reserve.



After circumnavigating the lakes, I cut back through the woods up to the canal and then retraced my steps back to Wigan.


It was a relatively easy walk, but at about 7 or 8 miles in total, provided some good exercise.

8 thoughts on “Walk to Worthington Lakes

    • Yes, they’re great on a nice sunny day but can be miserable when it’s raining. But you did pick a particularly bad day yesterday if the weather was anything like it was this side of the Pennines!

  1. On Sunday 12th May I’m organising a Walk With A Sketchbook round Rivington. Probably be about 3 miles. At the moment there will be about half a dozen of us and the idea is to stop at preplanned points en route for 20-30 minutes to do some sketching. (Better if you’re not on your own and you’re not holding up any non-sketchers.) The 2nd Sunday in June I intending walking round the Castlefield/Salford Quays area. Any suggestions for a circular walk approx 3 miles round the Wigan area with a few good places to stop and sketch?

    • John, a couple of suggestions. Haigh Hall country park is a good bet. You could easily plan a 3 or 4 mile circular route taking in the hall and other buildings, gardens, woodland and canal. Also a walk round the flashes south of the town centre – reclaimed former mine workings with lakes, woodland and wildlife.

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