Vivaldi, Jim, but not as we know it

On Sunday we went to the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall to see Nigel Kennedy perform Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and a selection of pieces from his new album “The Four Elements”, as part of his current nationwide tour. Nigel cemented his reputation about 20 years ago with his performance of Vivaldi’s Concerto, which he also recorded for a very successful album. For his current tour he is accompanied by his his Orchestra of Life – an ensemble of classical, jazz and rock musicians and even four vocalists. Nigel was dressed very unconventionally for a classical concert. No monkey suit and dickey bow for him – to go along with his well known spikey haircut he was wearing bondage trousers and an Aston Villa replica shirt underneath his loose jacket. It was pretty clear that this wasn’t going to be a traditional classical concert. I wondered what the older members of the audience were going to make of it.


Picture source: Wikipedia

The musicians were predominantly relatively young and a high proportion of them were rather attractive young women. An article I saw in the Guardian a few months ago referred to his ensemble as Nigel’s “mid life crisis orchestra”. They were probably not far off the mark!

The first half of the concert was devoted to The Four Elements – three of the four movements (air, earth and water – he missed out fire) and the underture, a piece written as an overture but played last. According to the publicity for the tour,

the Four Elements is a highly descriptive composition, inspired by the elements of earth, water, air and fire, which takes the listener on a journey of exhilaration, contemplation and celebration.

The pieces were a fusion of styles – classical, rock and jazz, and included vocal sections. I enjoyed the music, although had some reservations about the vocals. I’d listened to the album before the concert by Spotify and didn’t think some of the vocals worked, particularly on Earth. However, I have to say, that they came across much better live.

The second half, after the interval, was devoted to the Four Seasons , with a couple of Bach pieces interjected between Spring and Summer. It was a very different interpretation. It started off more or less in a traditional classical style (even if rock and jazz instruments were being played) but as the concert proceeded through the seasons more rock and jazz elements were introduced and Nigel switched from his acoustic violin to his electric one. He used effects pedals and in some sections his violin could have been mistaken for a rock guitar. There was input from the vocalists and even spoken sections of poems. It was very different to a traditional interpretation.

I enjoyed the concert. It was a  little self indulgent and I thought some aspects didn’t completely work, but there’s nothing wrong with trying out new approaches. Without experimentation music would ossify. Nigel clearly enjoyed himself and lapped up the adulation.

As for the audience – I think he won over the overwhelming majority. There was sincere, enthusiastic applause at the end with a large proportion of the audience on their feet – and he came back to play three more short pieces. I think just about everyone went away satisfied by an enjoyable, if flawed, performance. It was a good night. And Nigel certainly can play the violin.

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