Gothic Buildings in Edinburgh New Town


Edinburgh New Town is renowned as an archetypical example of Georgian town planning and neo-classical architecture. During our recent weekend break we stayed in a hotel there in a street of Georgian town houses built during the second phase of development. The hotel occupied four such houses. However, across the road from the hotel there was a house built in neo-Gothic style with bay windows with gothic tracery and a pointed arch over the door. It stood out as it was very different from the others in the street.


These were smaller than the grander residences in main thoroughfares and squares in the main part of the New Town and were undoubtedly occupied by the lower middle classes when they were first constructed. I found the dormer windows fascinating. I suspect that they were later additions as they weren’t of a standard design. However, as Georgian developers customised their houses to order I can’t be certain that they weren’t part of the original structure. I’d need to research this further to decide which is the case.

There are a number of Gothic buildings in the New Town. One notable example is the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Queen Street. Built in the Venetian Gothic style popularised by Ruskin, the gallery has recently re-opened to the public after being refurbished.


I spotted another neo-Gothic building at 43 Queen Street, sandwiched between more typical Georgian houses. Today it’s a listed building occupied by a health club, but a little research on the net revealed that it was originally built as a house and was converted to a gothic style church in 1851.


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