A short stay in Oxford Jail

Last week we had a short break in Oxford, staying in the Malmaison hotel. Like all the hotels in the chain, it’s located in a converted building – in this case the former Oxford Jail, which is part of the Oxford Castle complex. It wasn’t cheap (I don’t think I’ve ever paid as much for a hotel room) but this was a special treat for a “significant” birthday.

The hotel is in a good location, close to the railway station (a good job as they have limited parking available and charge quite a lot to reserve a space), and as Oxford is a small town, its only a few minutes walk from all the main sites.

After checking in we took the lift to the top floor in the main cell block and walked out into a scene from “Porridge“.

Our room had originally been three individual cells – two making up the main bedroom with the bathroom in the third.

The bars had been removed from the original high level windows and an extra, larger, low level window had been knocked out of the exterior wall in the bedroom.

The accomodation was very comfortable with all mod cons. A different experience than that endured by the original inhabitants. We certainly didn’t feel like trying to escape!


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